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Service Per Month


Annual Services


2 Weeks to use from date of purchase
Can not be used for Cryo T-Shock

Pricing & Packages


Single Session $35.00
10 Session Pass $250.00

Compression & InBody

Compression Treatment $1/Min
Body Composition Analysis $30.00

Cryo T-Shock

Consultation $0.00 Book Now
Single Session $275 Book Now
5 Session Pack $1250 Book Now
10 Session Pack $1995 Book Now

IV Vitamin Drips

Oasis IV Drip $85 Book Now
Hello, Sunshine IV Drip $115 Book Now
Myers Cocktail IV Drip $130 Book Now
Myers Glutathion IV Drip $165 Book Now

Vitamin Injections + IV Pushes

Pick Me Up Buttercup $25 Book Now
Pep In Your Step $20 Book Now
Powerhouse $30 Book Now
The Melt $40 Book Now
Cloud Nine $60 Book Now
Gold Rush IV Push $50 Book Now
Hello, Gorgeous IV Push $55 Book Now
Myers Cocktail IV Push $75 Book Now