About Whole Body Cryotherapy

You may be familiar with athletes taking ice baths. They take these super cold baths to reduce swelling and tissue breakdown and increase circulation for a more speedy recovery after a grueling workout, practice or game. Usually these ice baths last anywhere from 6-8 minutes. So I guess you could say whole-body cryotherapy, where the participant stands in a chamber filled with dry ice in sub-zero temperatures (usually below negative 200 degrees fahrenheit), is taking the concept of the ice bath to a whole other level!

And the benefits are phenomenal. Whole-body cryotherapy speeds up injury recovery, relieves pain and soreness, reduces lactic acids, helps inflammation, decreases spasms, releases endorphins and improves range of motion.

Whole-body cryotherapy may also increase your levels of norepinephrine which in turn balances the cortisol levels in your body. This has the effect of improving your energy and mood.