Cryotherapy helps me train harder

Cryotherapy helps me train harder and lose weight before my big fights, and recover faster. I even visit Chiltonic between my sessions, it makes me feel refreshed and new. The staff is very pleasant, helpful, and welcoming. I hope to see you all because I will be visiting almost daily.


After a few times, I can really feel the results, unquestionably my skin feels softer.

After 4 sessions, I have felt a dramatic difference over the first few. It’s certainly a challenge to stay in the chamber for 3 minutes. but after my first time it got much easier. The more I use cryotherapy the more I understand how I am benefiting. I am convinced of the benefits it offers, and enjoy the simplicity at the same time.


I was really excited to try Chiltonic

After the first treatment I noticed a difference in my body. Cryotherapy helped with my inflammation and soreness. I also had more energy and I have since done it five times and I’m excited to continue and see the amazing results. I love that it also helps you burn more calories! Gretchen and Matt really make you feel comfortable and are very knowledgeable about all the benefits that Chiltonic can do for you.


Chiltonic helped me lose 17 pounds

I am really excited to say cryotherapy has played a big role in my weight loss goals. With the use of consistent treatments and a good workout regiment, I lost 17 pounds in just two months. Thank you Chiltonic for bringing this great technology to San Diego.